Fertilizers are like Drugs!

A man holding potting mix in his hands

How often have you heard that eggshells, banana peels, and tea leaves make excellent garden fertilizers? Let’s take a step back and analyze this line of thought. First, it is true that natural components decay and release nutrients available to the soil to stimulate microbial growth; as a result, plants can access those biological nutrients…

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Choose the Right Nutrients!

A man holding home grown jalapeno peppers

Think of nutrients as food harvested in one environment but used for food in another environment. It’s almost like you eating a cornucopia of fruits, grains, vegetables, and delectably beautiful flowers. The plants you eat are living organisms that provide you with vitamins and minerals. In return, your stool becomes nutrients for other organisms. This…

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Why Prune?

Home grown cherry tomatoes placed in a plate

“Plants Grow Naturally.” Plants are designed to grow. No one can stop a plant from growing. The only thing that can stop a plant from maturing is the environment. Take a look at yourself and your children; could anybody hold them back from growing? Of course not. You and your children were born to grow.…

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One Minute Organic Garden?

A long shot of the Organic garden at home

A “One Minute Organic Garden” is when you can plant your garden in one minute. Yes! You get to walk away for the rest of the season without needing to water or cultivate your plants. Torpedopot™ is a Self-growing planter that waters and feeds your plants for you. Torpedopot™ has an automated watering system that’s…

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Choosing the Right Plants!

A close-up shot of home grown chilies and Jalapeno peppers

Plants grow where there is enough nutrition for them to feed themselves. Take your time and choose the soil that is most nutritious for your plants. Always remember that every plant has its own unique environmental requirements. Sun, rain, humidity are just a few of the natural resources that can have a severe impact on…

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