Choose the Right Nutrients!

Think of nutrients as food harvested in one environment but used for food in another environment. It’s almost like you eating a cornucopia of fruits, grains, vegetables, and delectably beautiful flowers. The plants you eat are living organisms that provide you with vitamins and minerals. In return, your stool becomes nutrients for other organisms. This is how it is supposed to work! Well, that’s what plants in the torpedopot are doing!

Fungi live on dead or living organic matter. Fungi help the plant flourish and extract nutrients for feeding. Plants grown in our containerized gardening system enjoy a sustainable biotic environment, where they can constantly harvest food to grow consistently without having to worry about over or underwatering and or environmental contaminates. The plant is building a relationship between the soil to harvest microbes so that it can eat.

Synthetic nutrients are manufactured inorganic compounds, usually derived from the petroleum industry. Synthetic nutrients can yield tremendous cellular structure but lack the benefits of a developing biotic environment. As a result, manufactured food is as much as forty percent less nutritive than traditionally grown plants.

When you turn the knob on the planters to release water or increase the timers’ watering schedules, your plants grow faster. You control your plant’s flavor, color, texture, height, density, fullness, etc. Your Torpedopot is a hotel for plants in which you own the utilities. You manage their environment. Your plants will live longer and experience their full lifecycle. In return for a stay at your hotel, your plants will provide continual beauty, nutritionally dense, high-quality food for your family. Torpedopot uses the microbes in the soil to grow your food. We produce high-quality, unadulterated food because we grow it in a Sustainable Biotic Environment (SBE).

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