How Torpedopot Works

Don’t let our simplicity fool you! Torpedopot™ patented standalone lightweight modular mobile growing systems can be operated by a child in an elementary science class but when networked, are powerful enough to produce millions of pounds of food to feed a city. Torpedopot™ creates a healthy environment for your plants. Excellent soil is the result of a sustainable environment where organic matter can rapidly decompose to make nutrients available to the microbes in the soil to build your plants. Soil microorganisms include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and many other life forms that make up the soil food web. These organisms and optimal environmental conditions are responsible for reducing organic material that’s used for growing your plants. In return, plants create sugars

that attract beneficial organisms to build millions of organisms in the soil. In short, the balance of inorganic and organic matter promotes microorganisms that make nutrients available to your plants. Torpedopot™ is an organic growing system that extracts nutrients from the soil and makes them readily available to your plants. Torpedopot™ allows you to grow using organic supplements or synthetic fertilizers. Use organic soil. Synthetic fertilizers are like artificial sources of nutrition that are delivered as a drug. They deactivate the metabolic processes in the soil by opening the pores of the plant’s root system to inject nutrients. Synthetic fertilizers target plant root systems and disable microorganisms in the soil from interacting with plants. 

Organic environments host microorganisms and allow living organisms to transfer the nutrients needed to create nutritious food and healthy plants. The inline plumbing system transfers water and nutrients through the self-growing planter directly to the plant’s root system. The process is highly efficient. Torpedopot™ promotes phenomenal growth. The inline watering system keeps the soil canopy at a constant optimal moisture level for promoting seed germination and bioactivity.

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