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My name is Darral Addison. I'm the founder and CEO at Torpedopot. Some of you visited us at the 2008 Philly Home and Garden Show or Atlanta's 2018 ACGA Annual Conference. Most of you have seen my videos from the ( website or maybe from my YouTube videos. Torpedopot is an African American family-owned business that's located in Lansdale, PA.

Darral remembers life at thirteen years old, how he would be bused to local farms in NJ to pick fruits and vegetables. Those were long, hot hours, but I was grateful for the opportunity to work. At the farm, I learned the value of work and money.

In 2017, Darral, with the help of his family, developed a containerized growing system that grows your food for you. All you do is add soil, seeds, or seedlings, turn on the self-growing planter, and walk away. Darral leased a 1500 sq ft manufacturing plant in Ambler, PA, and started developing plans for mass production. The facility gave us the room to complete research and development and to launch our first completed product.

Torpedopot outgrew that location. The company operates in Lansdale, PA, with over 20 company representatives. Our technology gives your plants the tools it needs to create a sustainable biotic environment. Torpedopot™ allows you to create optimal decomposition conditions and provides a space for plants so they can choose which microbes they want to harvest. Torpedopot™ focus is on improving the soil's biological and chemical processes that affect plant productivity, thus increasing yields.

Darral Addison is an inventor, author, and patent holder who has patented the concept "Sustainable Biotic Environment" (SBE). Darral has over 30 years of working in the Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, Food, and IT industries.

Torpedopot™ is an ESG company that’s committed to feeding the world. We operate in the Organic /Biotic food business. Torpedopot™ will help institutions navigate food insecurity. Torpedopot strategy is built on fostering a sustainable, robust internal food network developed organically by the community.

Our Promise

  • Scale Torpedopot in a profitable way.
  • Protect our technology
  • Provide food irrespective of origin or ethnicity
  • Patent new technologies
  • Develop partnerships to make it possible

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