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Commission-based Partnership with Exclusive Perks and Promotions

Affiliates are diverse promotional partners, including individuals, brands, companies, and organizations. We value every affiliate, regardless of audience size, and are thrilled to collaborate with you in promoting our products/services.

Approval is required to become an affiliate. Once approved, you can join our exclusive community of influential affiliates and begin promoting our offerings to your followers and fans.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive a predetermined commission for the sales you directly generate. Upon enrollment in our Affiliate Program, you’ll receive a unique Affiliate Link through our user-friendly Affiliate Marketing Platform. This link contains tracking identifiers that allow us to monitor and compensate you for the sales you contribute to.

To participate in the program, you must be at least 18 years old, have a social media account, possess a PayPal or checking account, and be willing to provide any necessary verification information.

Note: Affiliate compensation commonly includes commission, but it can also involve free products, bonuses, flat fees, or a combination.

Commission rates, determined by the company, are a percentage of the total sale, excluding shipping and additional services. Our Affiliate Marketing program offers enrollment plans tailored to your needs, with any enrollment costs being nonrefundable.

Enrollment options:

1. Fifty-Dollar Investment Program (FDIP): An affordable bundle providing product discounts, lifetime ownership, and revenue-producing income. This program yields high monthly earnings, including a 15% discount, 15% referral profit (paid monthly), affiliate lifetime ownership, and product giveaways.

2. Free Affiliate Membership: A cost-free program entailing a 15% referral profit (paid monthly) and yearly affiliate membership.

Commission rates vary based on the enrollment program you choose. You earn 15% on referral sales generated through your Affiliate Link, excluding taxes, shipping, and any third-party payment processor fees.

Commissions are processed on the 1st day of each month and directly deposited into your PayPal account. Payments become due in the next calendar pay cycle after the sale is finalized. All payments are in USD. You are responsible for taxes on received commissions. Chargebacks or refunds may result in a Commission deduction within 12 months of the sale. Excess payments may be offset against future earnings until repaid to the company.

We occasionally offer promotions and incentives to increase sales, communicated via email. Missing a notification means you won’t be eligible for any Commission increase. Certain affiliates may receive specific incentives, such as discount codes or bonuses, at our discretion.

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