Agricultural Blockchain

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Agricultural Blockchain is expected to feed more people than any organized humanitarian effort in the history of the world, but without wasting billions transporting food across roads, bridges, and dilapidated infrastructure.  We can help reduce your carbon footprint by fifty percent in less than 25 years. 

 Agricultural Blockchain will become the largest agriculture alliance in the world.  It uses predictive analytics to provide enhanced visibility into the agricultural sector, so that economist can predict food shortages and adapt to changing weather conditions.  Agricultural Blockchain is a voluntary conscience effort to optimize the relationships between communities, technology, agriculture, health, and economics. With Agricultural Blockchain you can:

  • Create Smart Contracts with built-in compliance that can be executed using a smartphone
  • Birth millions of new high yielding profitable farms 
  • Create an exchange that connects buyers with sellers using one global ledger
  • Eliminate food deserts in less than three years
  • Drastically slash government expenditures on social services
  • Generate new sources of revenues for governments
  • Save growers 6 billion dollars a year in unnecessary transactions
  • Save billions in food waste that's sitting idly on aged infrastructure 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Click on map to find out more

Click on map to find out more