Read How Our Planters Help You Cultivate the Perfect Garden

A man holding home grown zucchini squash

Fight For Your Plants!

 There is a war taking place underneath your feet. Organisms are fighting for dominance. Just...
A close up shot of red Hibiscus flower

How Torpedopot Works

Don’t let our simplicity fool you! Torpedopot™ patented standalone lightweight modular mobile growing systems can...
A man holding the buds of the tree and checking

Why is Torpedopot Unique?

Our modular growing systems are handcrafted. Unlike traditional planters, our unique design eliminates toxic chemicals...
A man holding potting mix in his hands

Fertilizers are like Drugs!

How often have you heard that eggshells, banana peels, and tea leaves make excellent garden...
A man holding home grown jalapeno peppers

Choose the Right Nutrients!

Think of nutrients as food harvested in one environment but used for food in another...
Home grown cherry tomatoes placed in a plate

Why Prune?

"Plants Grow Naturally." Plants are designed to grow. No one can stop a plant from...
A long shot of the Organic garden at home

One Minute Organic Garden?

A "One Minute Organic Garden" is when you can plant your garden in one minute....
A close-up shot of home grown chilies and Jalapeno peppers

Choosing the Right Plants!

Plants grow where there is enough nutrition for them to feed themselves. Take your time...

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