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Self-Watering House Planters


What Can It Do!

Torpedopot© can grow almost anything. You do not need a massive plot of land or an expensive greenhouse to enjoy your plants. The Torpedopot© will produce more foliage per square foot than traditional planters. Our watering technology ensures that your plants grow faster, reach maturity quicker, look aesthetically pleasing, and produce more growth per square foot than traditional planters. All you do is add dirt, seeds or seedlings, adjust the water flow and wait for the beautiful foliage and blooms.


Ideal for Greenhouses

This small sized version of our planters makes a subtle and stylish statement when used indoors or outdoors. It is made of high quality materials for better durability and functionality. The  planter collection is designed for decorative and functional unity. It includes accessories and structures that contribute fun and flair to contemporary landscapes including eco-friendly solutions for earth-conscious gardening practices 


Torpedopot© - Self-Watering Planter

We live in a task driven world. We are all trying to fit seven days of work into one day. We buy the newest technological devices to help us manage our responsibilities. Technologies such as smart phones, self-driving cars, green houses and integrated computer networks have helped us accomplish our task. 

However, to live in such an advanced society, why when we think of gardening the first thing that comes to mind is a shovel, trowel and spade. Our approach to planting needs to change.

The Torpedopot© is a game changer! The Torpedopot© is a self-watering planter that allows you to control the amount of water and nutrients to your plants. Each Torpedopot© has a flow control so that you can adjust the water and nutritional intake. You can determine your plant's feeding schedule based on the type of plants in your planter, amount of plants, seasonal changes, growth/life cycle, and fertilization requirements. You do not have to worry about over-watering or under-watering your plants because the Torpedopot© does the watering for you. Your plants receive fresh, clean non-standing water. They drink what you drink. 

Why Plants Die in Other Planters

The number one reason why house plants die is due to lack of watering. Most people have busy schedules and forget to water their house plants. In a rush, they indiscriminately pour water into the planter. If the potting soil gets excessively dry, water will pass through it. It is like drinking a cup of water with a hole in it. It is easy to assume that the water applied to the planter is taken up by the house plant. Water absorption into the plant's root system takes time. 

Torpedopot© is a serious game changer. The Torpedopot© saturates your house plant's root system. It helps to prevent wilting or the collapsing of the plant caused by the lack of water pressure. This one feature will make an unbelievable difference in the health and beauty of your indoor plants. The Torpedopot© also aids in the photosynthesis and respiration process. Without water, internal food supplies vital to other processes would diminish or disappear. As water moves through the system, vital minerals and nutrients are delivered to different areas of the plant. The Torpedopot© has been designed to help your plants, live longer and look luscious. Indoor  plants and outdoor vegetables would yield tremendous growth. 

Self-Watering Planters Provide Real Savings

The risk involved in the pursuit of gardening can sometimes lead to a total or significant loss of your initial investment. The cost of plants  will double or triple in the coming years. Having them die can be disastrous. The average amount spent on garden supplies per household last year was over four-hundred dollars.

  • Tools: Hand Trowel, Light Work Gloves, Watering Can, Pruner, Cultivator, Tiller, Border Spade, Soil Knife, Long-handled pruner, Round-headed shovel, Bow rake, Digging fork, wagon, tarp, seed trays, flowerpots, and protective clothing.
  • Resources: Hundreds of gallons of water, Fertilizer, pesticides (synthetic or natural), 
  • Pollution: ground water runoff, poisoning drinking water, ecological changes
  • Plants: plants or seeds
  • Structure: Space to grow, cages, coverings, fences

The Torpedopot© eliminates all of the above tools, saves you money on resources, minimizes pollution, removes the need for building a structure, and ensures that every seed or seedling has an equal chance of survival.


Self watering planters for your house plants.

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