Central Automated Watering System

Central Watering

All of your plants can be connected into a central watering system 

Flowering Planters

Beautiful plants that are fed daily with no intervention

Push and Plug Solution

Plug your plants into your house

Expand Your Garden by Throwing Away Your Tools

Additional Information

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Made in the USA

Your Torpedopot has:


  • Internal water distribution pipes
  • Spigots
  • Quick connect plumbing
  • High pressure fittings
  • Flow control valves
  • Clean drinkable water

Our company uses recycled polypropylene in the construction of the Torpedopot. The Curve Series features a matte outside texture with a high rim and a pronounced lip. The Curve Pots range in size from 9" to 25". Stock Colors - Clay, Honeysuckle, Slate. Product orders vary in size, quantity, and time of year. Contact us to determine time frame and current availability in stock for your order. 

The Needle Valve that controls the water flow has an EPDM stem seal with a black filled polyester knob & black nylon hex nut. It gives you the ability to control water by providing accurate flow. You can adjust water and nutrients flowing with the water within the accuracy of six full turns. The needle valve can withstand a maximum pressure of 125 psi and maximum temperature ratings up to 140°F. Our products are made in the USA.

The tubing in the Torpedopot is specially formulated with Sanitized® to resist degradation from mildew, algae, fungi and biofilm that can accumulate on the inside or outside of tubing in filling and processing applications. The antimicrobial additive is fully compounded into the tubing to protect both the inner and outer surfaces from degradation, foul odors, microorganisms, and discoloration. It is resistant to environmental stress cracking and has a maximum working pressure of 120 psi @ 73°F and a minimum burst pressure: 480 psi @ 73°F. 

You do not have to worry about plumbing mishaps because Torpedopot uses click technology. Our innovative technology give you the power to instantly connect/disconnect plumbing. This zero retention push-in fittings provide 100% cleanliness and ensure that your connections seal and grip the first time, thus drastically reducing bacteria growth. It yields 100% cleanliness.  Our single sink spigot allows you to: 

Attach a hose for washing your plants 

Washing your hands 

Provides access to water where there is no dispensing  


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