16 Inch Set Of 4 Planter Kit




The kit contains four Self-growing Planters and accessories to immediately start growing your plants.  Your 16-inch  diameter self-growing  planter can grow your bulbs. Annuals and perennials do well in the 16-inch self-growing planter.  Your self-growing planter will produce more foliage per square foot than traditional planters.  Great in greenhouses. They use less water than greenhouse sprinklers.  You’ll receive:

  • Four Self-growing planters:  16-inch self-growing planters from our Curved Planter Series.
  • (1) Tube Cutter
  • (Timer not included)
  • 10 Feet of Flexible Tubing
  • (3) Stack Tees
  • Hose Adaptor

You receive our four planter kit.  Torpedopot™ can grow almost anything. You do not need a massive plot of land or an expensive greenhouse to enjoy your plants. Our technology ensures that your plants grow faster, reach maturity quicker, look aesthetically pleasing, and produce more growth per square foot than traditional planters. All you do is add dirt; seeds or seedlings adjust the water flow and enjoy the beautiful foliage.


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