Self-watering planters


What Can the Self-Watering Planter Do?

Torpedopots are self-watering planters with internal plumbing and multiple flow valves to ensure your plants receive nutrients to grow faster, reach maturity quicker, look aesthetically pleasing, and produce more fruit. The self-watering planter will water:

  • Every plant in your house  
  • Every plant in your garden
  • Every plant in your green house
  • Every plant on your patio/deck

Be prepared to never water or manually feed your plants again.

A Rare Find

Ten Foot - Eggplant tree

Torpedopots are self-watering planters used for watering your home and garden plants. Torpedopot gives you the ability to achieve optimum growth for each and every plant. Each Torpedopot© has multiple flow controls for:

  • Managing the flow of nutrients to your plants
  • Diverting water to the specific areas of the planter or various species of plants that need it the most
  • Managing your plant's life cycle, seasonal changes, growth/stages, and fertilization requirements. You can rest assured that your plants are being fed. 

The Torpedopot© will produce more foliage and blooms per square foot than traditional gardening. The Torpedopot© ensures that your plants grow faster, reach maturity quicker, look aesthetically pleasing, and produce more fruit per square foot. All you do is add dirt, seeds or seedlings, adjust the water flow and enjoy the beautiful foliage and blooms.

Self-Watering Planters

Nasturtium - 7 weeks old

The Benefits are Staggering!

Take Vacations and Manage Emergencies: Stop feeling obligated to care for your plants. You do not need to be there and tend to your plants. The Torpedopot© will grow your plants for you. Just set the flow control and walk away! Better yet, come back from vacation to collect your harvest.

No Backbreaking Work: No tilling, hauling soil, running underground water lines, laying down tarp or building planter boxes. Retire your trowel. The Torpedopot© requires less than four hours of work for the whole season and approximately 1-2 bags of soil.  

No Tools: The average household spends over 400 dollars on gardening supplies every year. The Torpedopot© is a giant lego set. Just snap the parts in place, and you are ready to grow.

Time is Money: Traditional gardening is addictively beautiful but how can we justify spending over an hour a day in the sun pulling weeds when we should be watching our plants grow.  

Excessive Watering: Why do we spend hours carrying a heavy hose watering plants when most of the water evaporates. The Torpedopot© will save you money. It directs water to your plant's root system, not back into the air.

No Weeding: The soil In the Torpedopot©, is not exposed to the elements so, you do not get extraneous material in your plater. What you grow is what you get. Practically no unwanted seeds are likely to enter your planter

Real Food: It is never too late to take control over what you eat. Grow your own food. Our food supply is extremely complex. The Torpedopot© can grow almost anything. 

Fertilization: The Torpedopot© uses water to distribute nutrients to your plant's root system. Each Torpedo has multiple flow control options for controlling the flow of water through out the Torpedo.  

Science and Technology: The Torpedopot© is a powerful visual tool for the classroom. We provide science kits for your teaching needs. 

  • You can fertilize specific plants and  see the effects within minutes
  • You can localize water to certain planters to determine water intake for various species. 
  • You can vary soil pH, moisture, compaction, nutrient depletion and more.



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