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Torpedopot™ is in the business of developing sustainable food strategies that generate new sources of revenue, full employment, agricultural independence, and food security. Torpedopot™ wants to enter into a global compact with international organizations to improve the international response to existing refugee situations. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that refugees and the people hosting them can live in harmony.

Torpedopot wants to help refugees become more self-reliant by establishing a collaborative relationship with the host community. Food and water are the catalysts for developing a stable and prosperous society. What better way to achieve stability than through food production? With the right growing technologies, refugees can feed themselves and generate sustainable economic activity within the host community.

The Importance of Subsistence Farming in Rural Communities

Torpedopot™ has established itself as the world’s first fully automated indoor/outdoor modular growing system. Torpedopot™ intuitive inline watering design allows plants to grow faster, and yield more density per square foot than any traditional or hydroponic gardening system available on the market. The system is ninety-eight percent efficient. Torpedopot™ can move water and nutrients through the system in a way that significantly lowers operating costs and provides substantially increased yields for an array of crops.

With Torpedopot™, refugees can feed themselves, generate commerce, and reduce poverty on a massive scale. We want to collaborate with refugee agencies and local agricultural segments to develop a strategic solution that will increase revenues, provide healthy food to everyone, create jobs and opportunities, boost morale, invigorate local businesses, promote biodiversity, and create hope.

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