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Our modular growing systems are handcrafted. Unlike traditional planters, our unique design eliminates toxic chemicals from leaching into your food supply and poisoning your plants. They provide enhanced eco-friendliness throughout your plant’s lifecycle. The planter’s unique formulations and molding process inhibit mold and fungus from multiplying in your environment. The connectors and distribution lines are formulated to resist degradation from mildew, algae, fungi, and biofilm. As a result, organisms can’t accumulate on the walls of your planter and kill your plants. These precautions virtually eliminate degradation, foul odors, microorganisms, and discoloration. The system has a built-in plumbing network that can manage hundreds of planters from one water source. You can easily connect and disconnect plumbing with 100% cleanliness and ensure that your connections seal and grip the first time. Torpedopot connections are hermetically sealed to virtually eliminate water leaks.

The connections have high chemical resistance to organic supplements and synthetic fertilizers and are acceptable for food and drug (Cannabis) grade applications. The unit is rated to withstand pressures from everyday household use. From one water source, you can connect as many as 300 planters, thus producing more food than your local farm but without having to water, weed, and buy expensive tools and growing chemicals. The planters are spatially designed to eliminate dead spaces where bacteria and unwanted organisms can grow. Torpedopot ensures every plant receives equal exposure to light, water, and nutrients.

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