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How Do Self-Watering Pots Work?

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Self-watering pots are nothing new—but Torpedopot isn’t your average self-watering pot. It’s a fully autonomous, containerized self-growing system that takes plants from seeds to fresh produce with almost zero hands-on gardening. All you have to do is add your soil and seeds—our DIY irrigation system and feeding technology takes care of the rest.

All right, but how do self-watering pots work, and how does Torpedopot take this technology to the next level? Plants grow because Torpedopot saturates the plant’s root system while retaining approximate percentages of the water that passes through. Water does not grow plants, but the biotic canopy does. Torpedopot creates a canopy of moisture where living organisms can thrive. We call the growing process a “Sustainable Biotic Environment” (SBE). Torpedopot creates an environment where vital minerals and nutrients are delivered to different plant areas through its patented releasing mechanisms. The Torpedopot has been designed to help plants live longer and look luscious.

The second agricultural revolution is in our midst. With the earth’s diminishing capacity to grow food because of desertification, wind and water erosion, natural farming resources disappearing due to global warming, populations and urbanization rates skyrocketing, and consumer preferences shifting towards organically grown and locally sourced foods, an immense opportunity exists to capitalize on emerging growing technologies. Torpedopot™ is in the business of eliminating food deserts, feeding the world, and empowering its people toward self-sufficiency. With us, you can feed your family for the rest of their lives.

Check out the videos below of the bountiful harvests Torpedopot has made possible. When you’re ready, reach out for more information on how we can feed you and the world with ingenious gardening systems.

Harvesting Videos

Torpedopot – YouTube Channel


Grow 30 Beets


Grow 42 Cucumbers


Grow 150 Eggplants


Lifetime of Mint


Grow 1,400 Tomatoes


Grow 15,000 Pea pods


Grow 2,000 Peppers


Grow 11 lbs. Lettuce


Grow 5 lbs. Chives


Grow 5 lbs. Spinach


Grow 1000 Okra


Beautiful Spinach


Grow 21lbs Carrots


We grew 3 ½ lbs Kale


Grow 97 Strawberries.


Grow 200 Onions.


Growing Lilac







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Sustainable food strategies generate new sources of revenue, full employment, agricultural independence, and food security.

Feeding people without giving them the tools to feed themselves is a recipe for disaster. Small-scale agriculture is the developing world’s single most significant source of employment. With the necessary support, it can offer a sustainable and productive alternative to expanding large-scale, capital-intensive, and labor-displacing corporate farming. Many governments are unaware of the informal economy’s contribution, particularly women’s high involvement. Torpedopot’s patented technology can efficiently use household spaces, backyards, patios, walls, rooftops, basements, window- sills, and indoor areas. Don’t let our simplicity fool you! A child can operate our standalone lightweight modular mobile growing systems in an early education elementary science class. When torpedopot are networked together, they are powerful enough to produce millions of pounds of food to feed a city.


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